Mashru Silk Leather Sling Bag


Handcrafted Mashru Silk Sling bag is made by our skilled artisan in Kutch region of Gujarat. The term ” Mashru” means “Permitted” in Arabic and mixed in Sanskrit. It has characteristics like fine satin texture. This beautiful trendy leather bag with bright motifs on it makes a perfect fashion statement with every attire.

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Elegantly designed and handcrafted Mashroo silk with block prints kutch leather Sling bag made by our skilled artisans in Kutch district of Gujarat. Leather has been favoured since time immemorial and it has evolved over years and transformed into this beautiful form of craft. Rich in detail , this classic piece is one of those timeless craft which has grown to combine traditional methods of design with mordern functionalities.

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Dimensions 21.59 × 15.24 cm


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