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Our R-tisans

Rtefacts.com (pronounced as Artefacts) is your virtual curator of indigenous art forms and home to heirlooms which have been created by master craftsmen with the skill handed down over generations. At it’s very core as a facilitator of artisan economy growth, ‘R’tefacts.com aims at the ‘R’evival of the traditional and indigenous arts of India. R’evival with the idea of providing a unified platform for artists across India to showcase their talent. Our sole purpose is to accelerate Indian handicrafts and handloom products in the global market. We bring to you a wide range of handmade masterpieces from our craftsmen, for you to choose from. Each piece of art made with a lot of love, dedication and passion. Each thread woven are the specimen of their devotion and their art expression they pour in while selecting the colours and pattern that come to them naturally and are passed on from generations.


Rtefacts is your grassroots online store bringing to your doorsteps beautifully crafted and handmade handloom treasures, artifacts that are kept alive as art forms by the artisans of this land – Gujarat. Our range showcases indigenous, ethnic and authentic hand woven and hand crafted products. Every purchase you make is like a drop in the ocean of contribution towards empowering our artisan family, and many more such drops are needed. Enjoy your shopping experience as you get to know our artisans who with great effort and enthusiasm have adapted to the demands of technology and online shopping platform. Wear and adore them as proud owners of these masterpieces and we promise that you will love the experience as much as we do in bringing these collections to you.